Holstein U.K. (HUK) registers all qualifying black and white cattle within the HUK herd book. Percentages of Holstein and Friesian are clearly stated. When 87.5% Friesian is reached, the Herd Book number takes the prefix 20 and the registration certificate is clearly denoted as BRITISH FRIESIAN (European rules regard three generations as pure).

When the British Friesian Cattle Society accepted Holstein registrations into the herd book, the breed code 01 (previously Friesian) was used for both types of animal.

Gradually, as the Holstein cow became more dominant, the Holstein Friesian Society, as it had now become, changed the type evaluation scheme to reflect the Holstein cow with its increased height and angularity. This disadvantaged the British Friesian and many members stopped classifying.

However, as a result of this Club’s negotiations with the Holstein Friesian Society, a scheme now exists specifically for the classification of British Friesian qualifying animals (87.5%). The main differences are that the minimum height for Excellent is 140 cms, and that Dairy character is replaced with Friesian character.

Until 2005 Holsteins and Friesians were also evaluated together for production, a further disadvantage to the Friesian as a smaller animal. Although they continue to be evaluated together to produce the Holstein figures, the allocation of the separate breed code 20 has enabled the Friesian to be evaluated on its own base. New Zealand Friesians do not qualify.

Qualifying animals (those over 87.5% BF) will take on Friesian figures throughout the pedigree. Those below will carry figures on a Holstein base.

Evaluations are updated three times a year and published on the AHDB DairyCo Breeding+ website with a separate section for Friesians.

Holstein UK also provides a very comprehensive service with the addition of detailed information on Type Merit and search facilities for Ancestry.

AHDB Breeding and Genetics provides a Herd Genetic profile and Inbreeding Checker.