Dear Breeders,


The team at UK Sires are justly proud of the service that we offer right across the whole of England, Scotland and Wales for semen collection, storage, distribution and help and advice on semen sales.

The bulls that you have chosen to work with your herds, whether home bred or purchased, you have selected with great care and no little cost. You chose them because of what they bring to your herd, the genetics, the pedigree and the type characteristics you want to take the herd to the next step. How can you protect this valuable asset, your insurance?

• On farm semen collection is straightforward and great value for money.

• To learn more about this service, just pick up the phone and call Liz on 01803 863560

• Liz will talk you through the process, the costs and tell you about the contractors in your area.

• If you want to know about prospects for sale of the semen from your bull, talk to Maddie from our sales team as Head of Bull Procurement on 07957 720767

• If you and / or Maddie think that there might be an export market for the semen – talk to Rob, who has over 30 years of experience on export sales on 07980 894660

• For export, there are obviously more health tests and requirements to achieve the potential of valuable sales overseas.

• Rob and Hannah are constantly active in the export sales department and always looking for new bulls to come to stud. Talk to Maddie or to Rob about this.

We have a team of semen collection contractors covering the whole country as well as many veterinary practices. We have a busy autumn ahead of us and so please do call us soon so that we can talk you through the possibilities for your bull or bulls. Not only is it a great insurance policy, it can also open the doors to valuable off-farm income.

UK Sires, working on your behalf as an independent proactive partner. Call today!

Kind regards,

Rob Wills (Director)

Maddie Clarke (Bull Procurement and Sales)