HUK Awards Scheme for British Friesian Herds

In early 2021, two new awards were launched for British Friesian herds: The Consistent Performer Award and British Friesian Herd of the Year. The Consistent Performer Award (CP) recognizes cows that are both fertile and productive. The British Friesian Herd of the Year Award is aimed at recognizing the top performing Friesian herd each year. Commenting on the introduction of these new awards, Holstein UK Chief Executive, the late Sue Cope said: “Holstein UK are delighted to announce the new British Friesian awards for 2021. The Consistent Performer Award is aimed at recognizing British Friesian females which have displayed excellent production over several lactations, alongside the fertility for which the breed is renowned. The Herd of the Year Award will be presented to the most outstanding British Friesian herd based on a combination of both classification and production.”

Consistent Performer Award The Consistent Performer Award (CP) is awarded to British Friesian cows (Breed Code 20) which have been identified through milk recording to have had three calvings within any period of three years and three months. In the three lactations after these calvings, they must also have produced 550kgs of combined fat and protein (CFP) with a minimum of 4% fat and 3.3% protein in 305 days. In the first instance, the award is given automatically to any females of current members which have been registered within the last 15 years. Following the first run to find cows that have achieved the award, a charge of £1.13 (plus VAT) is applied for each new CP Award. Members have the option to opt out of the automatic CP awards scheme at any point by contacting the Membership Services team. Females which achieve the CP Award have ‘CP’ appear after their name on web factsheets. No individual certificates are issued for the CP Award.

British Friesian Herd of the Year This award recognizes the top performing Friesian herd each year, based on a combination of classification and production. Points are awarded for every breed code 20 female that the member has bred and owned, that have finished two lactations and calved within the last two years. Points are awarded as per the below criteria. Herds must have a minimum of thirty females included in the calculation. The British Friesian herd with the highest number of points is named as Herd of the Year.

For the published classification score

Classification Score 

VG85-87 1 point

VG88-89 2 points

EX 3 points

Multiple EX 1 additional point for each

If an animal has completed at least four lactations

Classification Score 

Cow classified VG 1 additional point

Cow classified EX 2 additional points

For any lactations of 250 days or more

500 kgs F & P 1 point

600 kgs F & P 2 points

700 kgs F & P 3 points

800 kgs F & P 4 points

900 kgs F & P 5 points

For Lifetime Production

LP50 1 point

LP60 2 points

LP70 3 points

LP80 4 points

LP90 5 points

LP100 and over 6 points