The meeting was held in the Bidders Room at The Auctioneer on the evening before our National Show.
Our new president is Adam Lawson. Two new members join the committee, Tracey Rocket and Will Mayor. Our thanks to the retiring members for their contribution.

HERD VISIT – 28th JUNE at 11am

Andrew Rees, Moor Farm, Walwyns Castle, Haverfordwest, SA62 3EE, South Wales. This will be a one-day visit. Please put this in your diaries with a reminder to telephone or email Patrick Davies on 01244 335057 or email for catering purposes. Please be advised that your accommodation options may be limited at this time of year so, if planning to stay overnight, please book as early as you can. Hopefully, it may be possible to arrange a dinner for those staying overnight. All welcome!


Please be thinking about your advertisements for the 2023/24 Brochure. We are always grateful to the Trade for their support and hope that all members will endeavour to encourage new advertisers.


You may have noticed the discussion in the general agricultural Press and Dr Darren Todd’s informative article in the HUK Journal, drawing attention to the increasing rate of the inbreeding %. This, of course, highlights the importance of native breeds for future outcrossing. However, we are pleased to report that registered British Friesians are just below 3%. This is partly due to a deliberate policy by some of our Breeders to introduce different bloodlines, as they are unable to use many of the current sires, being too closely related to their own herds having bred the parents! Fortunately, British Friesians have a wide gene pool and can use imported semen from the original Dutch Friesian lines, with some proven in Ireland. We also have the Club’s own progeny test scheme concentrating on bloodlines that we do not want to lose. Biodiversity is the only way that any species can survive and after years of selection by Index, we are very aware that it is time for a reality check!


Unfortunately, this little booklet is out of print, but hopefully it can be brought up to date. In the meantime, the full text is available through the Club Website (Breed History). It should make interesting reading for younger members and others who may not be aware of the circumstances leading up to the issue of breed code 20 and the re-establishment of data specific to the British Friesian, arguably the best Dairy Breed, ever!


Mr Duncan Hunter was this year’s Judge for our National Show.

Grand Champion Lismulligan Priscilla 60 - Lawson & Sons B

Irthingelt Balmoral Spirit 4 - Moscrop T

Adams Laura 6 - Lawson & Sons B

Premier Breeder Award

B Lawson & Sons

Premier Exhibitor Award

B Lawson & Sons

Premier Sire Of The Senior Show

Nerewater Rocket Mission

Best Udder Of Show

Irthingelt Balmoral Spirit 4 - Moscrop T

Junior Championship

Champion Gemini Karactacus Brandy - Yorke D & Annabell More

Reserve Gemini Quaich Cher - Yorke D & Annabell More

Hon Mention Irthingelt Mission Minnie - Moscrop T

Youngstock Results

Calf Class - 1st March 2022 – 31st December 2022

1 Irthingelt Mission Minnie - Moscrop T

2 Lismulligan Honeyschaap 2 - Lawson & Sons B

Maiden Heifer - 1st September 2021 – 28th February 2022

1 Gemini Quaich Cher - Yorke D & Annabell More

In Calf Heifer - 28th February 2021 – 31st August 2021

1 Gemini Karactacus Brandy - Yorke D & Annabell More

2 Gemini Ben Rosie Red - Moscrop T

3 Lismulligan Grey - Lawson & Sons B

Milking Cows Results

2 year old - 28th February 2020 – 1st March 2021

1 Lismulligan Priscilla 60 - Lawson & Sons B

2 Irthingelt Mission Tulip - Moscrop T

3 & 4 year old - 28th February 2018 – 1st March 2020

1 Irthingelt Balmoral Spirit 4 - Moscrop T

2 Lismulligan Aster 2 - Lawson & Sons B

Senior Cow - 28th February 2015 – 1st March 2018

1 Adams Laura 6 - Lawson & Sons B

2 Moorriggs Robert Roberta - Armstrong P

Iron Grandma - Born prior to 1st March 2015

No entries

David Bailey Cup for Oldest Cow Forward

Moorriggs Robert Roberta - Armstrong P


For those of you thinking of using Irish proven bulls in your herd there is an excellent explanation of the Irish EBI Index by Kevin Lane in the March edition of British Dairying (p.87). Further detail can be sought through the IHFA website for individual animals. It should be noted that type is to a Holstein standard, so be aware. Until sufficient daughters are classified in the UK, we just have to research and make an informed guess.


We continue to gain new members and are delighted that they are often of the younger generation, establishing their own British Friesian herds. We do, sadly, lose old friends as they retire. We also have a very substantial following on the Club’s Facebook Chat page. An Application Form / Bankers Order Form are available from David Armett by telephoning 01530 223446 or emailing him at This is to be returned to the Treasurer, Ewart Grant, Rookery Farm, Peeko, Orcheston, Salisbury, Wilts, SP3 4RW. The combined form can also be most easily downloaded from the Noticeboard or Contact pages on the Club Website and there is no need to post it if you are able to scan and e-mail it to

We should also like to politely remind some of our existing members that Club membership is now £30.00 so, if you pay by Bankers Order, please don’t forget to send your amended form to Ewart Grant in whatever manner is easiest.


Hopefully, the results for 2022 will be published soon.


It is with sadness that we have to announce the death of Henry Richardson, a true gentleman, who was so helpful to the Club during his tenure with HUK and the NBDC. His strength of character, gentle good nature and lively wit touched everyone who knew him.